Guys, reasons you stop texting girls?

in this scenario:
you meet a girl online, in your city. you text each other intellectual conversations throughout almost two months. her texts make you feel better, you express how you'd like to meet her... you look forward to getting to know her. then, she texts you saying yeah let's meet I'll be back in town in the next two weeks.
and you don't reply. it's been almost two weeks since she sent that text, why do you stop replying now?


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  • Well lets speculate:

    - he's married
    - he is actually a she
    - he's likes that you are responsive but has had surgery since to become a women and is now regretting it because she is now realizing that female orgasm is more difficult to achieve therefore is not looking to reverse the surgery and doesn't want to talk to you until she's gone back to a Male.

    So yea, Texting + dating = terrible.


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  • hm... that is curious,

    either he is unsure and nervous,

    some very important came up

    or he realized his cat fishing has gone to far. and is trying to end it.

    my guess it is the first one. but i would say call him not text and see what he has to say.

  • Perhaps he changed his mind about it. I can't see any other reason...


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