Understanding guys?

I need someone's input really bad. Maybe coming from a guy's perspective would be better. But anyway, I've been seeing this guy for 2 months. It's basically been a sexual relationship for the most part because he says that he doesn't want feelings involved. Well for the past 2 times I've been with him, it feels like both of us are starting to develop feelings. And then all of a sudden, he ignores my texts and says that he's depressed and doesn't want to be bothered right now.. What the hell? I mean really? Whats his problem? I've never ever went through this emotional roller coaster with any guy in previous relationships. Do any of you know why he may be doing this? Is it because he's trying to hide behind his feelings or what? I don't get it. Someone please help?


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  • Girl I'm going through a similar situation. But my partner said that he's not ready for a relationship so maybe your guy feels the same.


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