My man thinks its gross & weird to feel my belly while pregnant. Is this a really bad thing?

My Boyfriend & I just recently found out were expecting a baby.
Im about 12 week's now & he hasn't touched my belly at all. He says its weird & he don't like it.
its killing me emotionally more each day I get bigger. This will be my 1st child & his 2nd Why is he acting this way? What should I do?


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  • Well, everyone has their quirks. I for instance refuse to sleep on/wear anything that has been tried to be handed down to me from deceased relatives (I don't like the idea), but I don't really understand this one. Is he close to you in a cuddly way, like, does he hold your hands and touch you often?

    • Yes that's why I'm confused. ..
      I don't understand how something so special could turn into something gross?

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    • Really helps to get a man's opinion. I've sat him down & explained how him not doing so hurts me & all he says is I'm crazy.

    • Ech, I'm sorry to hear that. Just know you AREN'T crazy. I hope he comes around in the end

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  • That's too bad. Maybe he's just turned off by pregnancy in general. A lot of guys seem to be put off by it.

    Also, it's his second baby so he's been through this whole experience already. It's possible that he's not finding it as exciting as you are.

    • I thought so to but in general he really don't talk much about it either.
      Makes me think this child is not 1 bit of special to him.

    • I wouldn't say that at all. Since you just found out this news, it's quite possible that it hasn't sunk in for him yet. Give it a couple more weeks. If he hasn't come around by then, maybe it's time to sit down and have a serious conversation about what you're observing about his behaviour.

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  • You said it's his second, maybe something happened during the pregnancy of the first one that now is putting him off.
    What did he say when you told him why does he think it's gross?

    • He says I can't handle it.
      it makes him sick to his stomach.

    • Hmm, that certainly is weird. Maybe he just thinks about everything that's going on inside you and he gets grossed out about that, just like some people can't handle the blood.
      I don't really know, I'm just trying to find a possible explanation.
      What I fear is that when you're giving birth, he won't be standing right next to you, I hope he manages to get the guts for that moment.

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  • It's normal to feel over-emotional about things while pregnant because of the hormones coursing around your body, you will feel like your on your period for 9 months so don't worry about it. He is probably squeamish about feeling stuff inside your body, i'm the same even with my own body, i can't even feel my thyroid on my neck without shivering and going EEEEEEE! lol :P i don't even like things going near my eyes, i refuse eye drops at all coasts when i may need them, so that's probs why he doesn't like it.

  • I think babies are gross too, I totally get it. Don't force the man to feel you up, damn.

  • What the f^ck? Maybe you need a man and not a boy?

    • Been thinking the same thing.

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