A guy asked me to stay (I don't know if it's longer or the night, but he asked at around 11 pm) - what should I think?

So today I had to go to a guy's apartment to work on an assignment. There was another guy there as well today, and while the other guy went to get our group dinner, the guy tried to teach me how to play his guitar and bass guitar. He was being closer than comfortable, normal, and acceptable between a guy and girl who barely know each other. But maybe that's just how it would be to teach someone how to play a guitar. I don't know if I should make anything of it, because it's not like we know each other very well. We only had a first official conversation in person yesterday for our assignment. Then I felt sleepy and he offered to let me take a nap in his roommate's bed since it's been empty for months. When I woke up, the other guy had left. The guy asked if I wanted to go home or stay and he could make coffee for us. But I have no idea what was intended by "stay" as he didn't indicate how long, and at the time, it was close to 11 pm and he knows that the buses I need to take stop at 1 am. I decided to go home and asked him to walk me to the bus stop. While we were walking there, he told me I could drop by at his place again for no reason in particular. I have no idea what to make of this and I can't think straight because of this. What a lovely state to be in considering I have two midterm exams this week, right? Anyway, what do you guys think I should make of this?


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  • I guess he's just a nice guy because if he had wrong intentions why would he walk you to the bus stop :) a positive perspective right?
    And he does sounds a bit weird but may be just thinks of you as a good friend and is courteous more than enough
    Not sure enough... Be careful though :)


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