Is this shy guy interested in me?

I had my 21st birthday party last Saturday at my friend's house and we had a lot of people over. We also invited a guy that I like as well as his group of roommates and I didn't think that they would come, but they did. (We're all friends). Everyone was fairly drunk and one of my friends said that he kept looking at me and when I would return his gaze, he would look away or down quickly. He also does this when we're sober, and when he's around me, he doesn't seem to talk very much however, when he does, he's really funny.
Before him and his friends left the party, I gave them hugs because I'm a friendly drunk person and when I went to give him a hug, he seemed kind of resistant, but wished me happy birthday.
Also, I decided to text him afterwords; I said "Thank you for coming!!!" and he didn't respond, so around 20 minutes later, I sent him a smiley face and he still didn't respond.
I'm just wondering if it's possible that he likes me because he's really shy and I don't want to make him uncomfortable or get the wrong idea if I try to approach him more often.

Thank you!


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  • The looking at you could be a sign or he could be watching what you're doing / involved with or just checking you out. The other things you posted don't really sound like good signs, I feel like you gave him so "ins" and showed some interest but he didn't reciprocate. You could try flirting with him

  • id hate to say it but either he's is really very extra shy and scared of girls or if he's not replying he may not like you. but who knows he might just dont make yourself look too desperate!


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