Is there ever a 'switch' in which you start liking a girl?

I know this boy, he is not remotely interested in me, (I have always known this), and not remotely attached to me either.

But something I noticed about boys like that, is sooner or later they do end up falling for the girl.

I knew this boy who I would never have thought in a million years would like me just based on how different our personalities are, but funnily enough he started liking me years later, just out of nowhere.

I think it was because he saw me being all happy and normal, which was likely very different than what he remembered me as.

Is there ever a lightbulb, or an 'aha' moment where you suddenly start liking the girl?


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  • Sometime syou find out hat she is into the same things as you, and not just interested because she is trying to understand he guy, sometimes a girl will have a different attitude or show more of her real self than the guy saw before, sometimes there is that switch


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  • Not for me. I feel that shit out withing 2 seconds... "Would you fuck him?" Ewww gawwdd nooooooo oooo... ooooo... blagh...


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  • Yeah, but that happens based on physical appearance and in about 4 seconds max.

  • If she's a five or above and nice to me and has similar preferences, ideology and is a social butterfly; than yes she'll definitely catch my eye

  • Yes I had one when she told me she had long hair

    • You didn't notice that lol why is it something she had to specifically tell you?

    • It was a phone blind date lol

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