If a guy likes you, will there always be a shift in the tone of his voice?

When he talks to you that is


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  • For me there is. My voice is a little more confident and I speak up as well. Sometimes I stutter but I either make a joke about it or smile through it.

    • Would you ever play with an object out of nervousness because the girl sitting beside you was very pretty and not talking to you?

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    • I think it's who he is as a person, I've noticed him do it to other girls too.

      I completely agree that he's a full-on jerk, but the condition I was in at the time was different, I was depressed and it showed. My hair was all over the place, my eyes were bloodshot, I think it was just confusing for some people, and it made me hate him some more, because he did all of that when I was depressed. I don't know whether or not he knew, (this might be an additional reason he feels guilty).

      Hmm this is what I had assumed too that he did not care about me in the slightest, which is why it bugs me so much that he's trying to show he cares NOW.

      Does what I say make sense, or it doesn't make sense that he's trying to fix it? The thing is, I never showed I was upset about anything, he's the one who is trying to talk to me, (this may stem from the fact that I'm ignoring him, and pretending as though he doesn't exist).

      So I really don't know whether this is some kind of game for him

    • Oh my goodness I just realized whenever I come online he goes offline within a couple of seconds, and he changed his profile picture with that girl and him within a few days of an interaction with me.

      I think he knows, if he suspected before now he knows.

      Whatever, I got over the silly crush a long time ago but it's the feelings of humiliation that remain.

      I wouldn't be surprised if the girl is in on it too, our mutual friends are acting weird.

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  • There's definitely a slight change in my husband's voice when he talks to me, there always has been.

    • Wow you're married? At age 19... you must really love your husband lol.

      What's that like? :)

      I'm 22 and I cannot even imagine a boyfriend let alone a husband... ah I'm so behind in things

    • I really do love him, I've never doubted my relationship with him and he's the most amazing man I've ever met, so I don't see any problem being married young. My husband is in the army, so when I married him I literally packed up and most completely across the country for him where I've never been, and it's been an amazing experience for the both of us.

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  • I seem to try to talk a little deeper than usual and i sometimes get nervous so ill stutter a little
    But, I don't talk too much if I like a girl. I like to listen to them more than talk. If she is shyer, then I'll spur the conversation a little more, but it's just what I do, but I think they like to do the talking

  • No but he may have a cold haha


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  • Typically speaking, yes. Their voice becomes softer when they talk to you.

  • My boyfriend tends to sound more nurturing and soft when he speaks to me, especially over the phone. To his friends his voice is a bit more confident and loud.


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