Making her uncomfortable, unintentionally, it bothers me, your thoughts?

I see a counselor weekly and she is a very attractive woman. I have no intention of trying to elevate our association beyond a strictly business relationship though. She often wears blouses with very revealing necklines. In the past several meetings, I have noticed that I frequently subconsciously let my eyes wander to her cleavage. It seems like she is noticing it and that it's making her uncomfortable enough to cover up with her overshirt. She hasn't communicated about this other than that subtle hint. I'm making an effort to avoid doing it, as the last thing I want to do is leave her secretly resentful of me, and she is a really great counselor and a pleasure to work with.

Should I be as concerned about this as I am?
Is this unwanted attention attention to her cleavage largely caused by her own wardrobe choice and should I feel as guilty as I do about it?


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  • Stay out them tittiesssssss


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  • Well she knows that cleavage attracts the male eye whether men want it or not. Throwing a peek is harmless and natural but staring is unwarranted.

    • I definitely wasn't staring. It's more like a quick glance every ten seconds or so, usually when I'm the one speaking.

    • Well then this shouldn't be on your mind then. It's perfectly k to throw a peek every now and then - women should come to the realization that it's more of an subconscious action and not a sign of disrespect. But be careful when or if she yells ''sexual harassment'' because you're gonna be in the wrong any way.

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