GUYS? is there anyway to make a man more romantic?

I have been with my husband 2 years he never takes me out never kissea me never holds my hand


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  • Sounds like he wants a divorce.

    • we have been married only a feew weeks we have 3 kids dont think hed want to divorce

    • Sheesh I don't know then, confront him

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  • Have you tried doing any of what you have just listed? How did he react?

    • Well if i take his hand he stays for a second or 2 then pulls away, i can kiss him and then normaly he gives a smirk sometimes he says something like what you doing or geek with a laugh lol, we have a great relationship were always laughing having fun, when we first got together it wasn't so bad its happend since we got married and had kids :/

    • Hmm. I don't understand his underlying motivation, so I unfortunately cannot help.

  • Not even holding hand. Men are taught to be tough and not show emotion so you'll have to talk to him about it to make him change.

    • iv tried he normaly keeps it up for a day then the next day he's the same again

    • Aww come here

      *cyber hug*

  • then kiss him and hold his hand instead :-P

  • no stop trying to change him

    • If your a real man, you do not learn to change for no one. You get her to accept you.

    • but been a bit mmore romantic is not changing him, he does everything he wants i clean the house wash clothes do everything with our kids make 14 cooked meals a week for him stay home while he goes out to football or with his friend. I never asked him to change he changed me i would never ov done all these things before i met him !!

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