If a guy only calls a girl when he's drunk or won't talk to her at the club unless he's drunk, does he even like her?

This guy I know who kinda flaked out on me only calls me when he's drunk n only talks to me when he's drunk. He saw me at the club n was like WOW ( though I looked good) offered me wine which I took n he said "see ya around" n I ignored him cuz he already dogged me out before. At the end of the night he was drunk trying to get my attention and invited me to go to the after party I ignored him n outside he started calling my name across the parking lot. I ignored him still n went home. Why is he like that but ignored me after I told him I liked him. Men are just confusing. He hurt my feelings so I've chosen to ignore him.
Ok I guess to break it down. Does alcohol make a man tell the truth or does it make him care less and like a girl more than he normally would sober?


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  • You did the right thing Miss. If a guy wanted to settle he would settle when/if he gets what he wants. He just wants you when he has nobody. Personally the man that does that to you is very picky, disrespectful & can't handle rejection. You are a pretty looking woman. That's going off a picture and not knowing your personality. Best of blessing to you!

  • then that means he's kinda shy and alcohol is what makes him to open up... not a good thing in my opinion :-/


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