Guys telling a woman things like "you inspire me"?

I do comedy, comedy writing, improv, acting, music, baking of vegan donuts with oreos on top.

I get a lot of "you inspire me " from guys (of all people), which equates to "I just want to be friends, I don't ever want to date you." Am I right, fellas?

In fact, an Australian comedian friend just said that to me tonight hence my hasty concern.

I also get a lot of strange looks from guys I have never met but have probably come across on Twitter or Facebook. The look is kind of like this, "is that (insert my name here) standing 25 feet away from me?" and it includes a lot of silence, blinking, and staring on his part.

These are all legitimate concerns. I'm 29 and I live alone so I don't understand guys. I am also not famous by any means. I am poor.

Thank you in advance.


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  • No you aren't right. It seems more likely that they are attracted to you, and admire your energy and intensity but don't feel that they could keep you happy because they aren't as intense. They are probably imagining that you would disapprove of them chilling out while you spend an afternoon writing new material. But maybe they are wrong. Maybe you would be perfectly happy to have a guy who likes to chill in front of a ball game or whatever while you are busy on your next project. In that case you will probably just have to ask them out yourself.

    • This past Sunday I slept all day. I woke up to do laundry, slept, then woke up at night to eat. I don't really write much. I day dream about writing but it is hard to find the perfect place to do it.

      Ever since I was 18, I've had to "ask guys out" myself. I don't do it a lot. But for the two relationships I'be had in my life, I had to kind of highly-highly encourage them to go out with me. They showed some interest but would never make that move. And get this - I wasn't even as busy back then like I am now, and I still had to go after them.

      I LOATHE showing any interest to anyone now. I am weirded out by it. I mean, maybe those guys who treated me well (except one cheated) never truly liked me.

    • I do get a lot of "use your words!" and "I can't figure you out" from guys. I guess I don't whine like a typical lady. But I do know that women are probably hard to figure out just like men are.

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