Is he playing me?

There's a guy that I find attractive, but he acts very arrogant. He's like doing flips and he brags about Ralph lauren polo shirts and stuff. He's followed me before and he gets in my face but he doesn't talk to me at all which is really weird. And I see him checking me out and staring at me... And his friends (who don't like me because I didn't want to be like them or something) are like glaring at me a lot lately which is just really strange. once he was like play fighting with some random girl and she started glaring at me which was also strange, what do you think's going on?
  • He finds you attractive, but he doesn't necessarily want to date you
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  • He's playing you, his friends are annoyed that you like him
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  • He likes you, but his friends don't like that you like eachother
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  • I'm just putting my opinion out there- He sounds like a total prat and I would avoid him. But y'know, whatever floats your boat.


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  • Aaa. ok I had the same problem in High school. Your confused because you think he likes you but then he turns around to blow u off. Clearly he thinks your attractive because you catch him starring at you. I'm guessing you are not in the same social group. That causes the problem, since you are in another group and its not like his group at all. Is his friends boys or girls? His guy friends might think your cute to but if your not in their group then the will flirt with some other girl. This is a personal question to ask but, "do you put out much? Or do you just keep to yourself". I'm trying to get an idea on this situation. Is he in the popular group?

    • Yeah he's technically in the popular group yes. And I talk with a group of girls in the class I have with him and I talk with a lot of people in that class, but I have like 2 other friends outside of class. His friends are mostly boysbut I see him hanging out with like a girl sometimes (like once). But the guy I like doesn't really hang out with the popular guys that much, I see him with like the soccer geeks.

    • I'm also trying hard not to like him because our social groups are really different.

    • Ok then yes that's the same thing that happened to me. I can promise you that he does like you. The part that sucks is he might not make any move till years later. That's what happened to me and now that I'm 20 and in college he decided to talk to me. It sucks but that's what social groups do to people. His friends won't want him to talk to you because of it and later you might find out that some of his friends use to think your cute to. It's so stupid and complicating I know. All I can say is do your own thing and wait. Maybe he might get the guts to talk to you. Guys are so complicated at that age. That's why men are sooo much easier lol. They know what they want. Good luck to you I hope it works out. :)

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