Does a man have to be jealous a bit if he really loves a woman?

My boyfriend doesn't get jealous. Like once I traveled alone and he didn't bother to ask me what I did or so. Also, I told him I am visiting an old friend outside the country and he was asking many times if it's male or female. I don't mean I want him to be sickly jealous, but he is too cool when it comes to suspecting anything. I am a attractive woman and guys often ask flirt with me. But this guy seems either to trust me a lot or he seems not to care. We broke up for 4 months and I did meet other guys but he even didn't ask.

Men only please!



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What Guys Said 1

  • I was jealous once (with an ex who I didn't really love.)
    I've never been jealous with my wife. I love her, she loves me.


What Girls Said 1

  • 1. he's got lots of sisters or has been around lots of women, so knows how all that works and assumes your lock can't be picked any easier than they
    2. his only worry is another guy one-on-one you've know prior and are returning to rekindle that fire; he feels he has plenty of defenses for new guys
    3. while the cat's away, this mice will play... a vacation for him
    4. you may be his only GF but he's open to other candidates... just not in pursuit of any while you are around

    To add to this food for thought is this:
    nothing kills the deal faster than jealousy, even if only a phase or solo case
    sometimes even therapy doesn't work or save the deal
    being the object of this disease is a living nightmare, esp. if innocent


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