Which is a better move? Ask a guy out, or tel him how you feel?

Better to ask out , or say how you feel?

What are the Benefits and disadvantages of each , in your opinion?

I asked a question for my friend of examples on how to tell someone how you feel. This is an extension based on a debate we are having about whether it's better to ask them out , or tell then how you feel.

I think it's better to just ask out.

She thinks that doesn't feel right. Bc it cAn be misinterpreted.

She's liked this guy for several months. I think he likes her. Even if he doesn't , she'll know by asking him out.

I think she should just ask him out so they can be alone get to know each other , then after a while they can talk about feelings.. Seems kind of pointless now.

Say he likes her in return , then what?

Or say he doesn't... Then It's just awkward.

At least if she asks him out , there's a purpose. And a direction.

What do you guys think


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  • ask a guy out

    asking a guy out = you have guts


Most Helpful Girl

  • Just ask him out. Then you will know more details about him. If he join it means you have a chance to know him and also he wanted to know you. If he say no then you can just be friend.


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