My colleague ask me to stay a little bit longer outstation, to travel and go sight seeing with him together, without anyone else. Is he likes me?

we will go somewhere for a job with some of other people in our office. my colleague, who is together with me in a same project recently, ask me to join him to travel and sight seeing with him after the job complete, which is only both of us without anyone else. He even ask me what kind of activities that I prefer to do so that he will try to arrange it and take me there for a trip.

In the office, this guy is usually give me food, ALWAYS but I was just thinking he was try to be nice. He gave me cupcakes during my birthday last year, which is really sweet, but he never ever said anything that makes me think he's interested. So, is he likes me or he is just comfortable with me? I'm just confuse with his behaviour.


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  • He definitely likes you, he's probably just working up the courage to ask you out directly. By doing all this stuff he is seeing how you respond to it and if you show any signs of liking him back

  • obviously... because he wants to spend his time alone with YOU


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