Guys, help me out. Please?

Okay guys this is another lovedilemma, the issue is that he was very interested in me way back, we talked a couple of times and then he just disappeared. But when we see eachother in the hallways at school, he gives me some special looks. See, now Im confused. He was VERY interested, then distanced himself from me. And I really really really like this guy with all my heart. He is amazing, but im so confused. Why did he distance himself from me? And why does he seem so eager to say hi to me? He searches for eyecontact, and wants to say hi everytime he sees me, but dont make the slightest move to talk to me..

And another side of the case, his buddy is interested in me, but we´re only friends and nothing more, but his buddy was the one hooking us up with each other in the first place. Guys, whats the deal here? Why would you distance yourself from a girl you´re interested in? And act all weird later? And being eager to say hi and searching for eyecontact? It doesn´t make sense to me.

And should I add him on Facebook when I made the first move adding him on instagram?


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  • He LOVES you. Playing hard to get. He wants to know if you care so he's waiting for you to make the next move. Schedule a date, he'll only say no if he's busy. Trust me, we are like this because we want to now if you really care about us.

    • I forgot to mention that he sometimes ignores me too, does that mean anything else?

    • Yup that's cause he doesn't want to seem desperate and dependent on you. Like you can just text and he'll stop doing what he's doing and focus on you. He likes ya

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  • He likes you but doesn't know how to go about getting together with you, so figures it's best if he just avoids putting himself in that situation.

    • Why would he avoid a situation that started out great? I dont get it! Thank you for your answer:D

    • He'll regret it more if he tries and screws it up than if he just doesn't try in the first place. I know that's weird.

  • 1) Walk up to him.
    2) Say, "Kiss me before I change my mind."


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