Do you think it's likely that I was recorded by a built in webcam on this guy's laptop or im I just paranoid?

I attempted to have sex with this guy I liked, but it didn't work and he had his laptop on his desk beside of his bed. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary and we pretty much talked laying on the bed until sunset (so the room got darker) about a bunch of things. I wen on his laptop and stuff on MSN messenger back when it was still around and stuff. I didn't feel weird or anything and he's definitely not weird. But, I didn't realize it then, but now I'm thinking if he recorded us attempting to do it with his built in webcam on his laptop. At the moment this did not occur to me and was not a thought in my head. This was 5 years ago and I tried texting him just to see if we are kool, because I haven't spoken to him in 6 months, we use to work together and have been kool with each other as co-workers/acquaintances ever since that incident. Part of me wants to ask him if he recorded us, but part of me feels he might get offended and feel like im judging him. I texted him causally saying "hey, how have you been" and he never responded so I don't know if his number changed because I see him active on whatsapp or if he has an issue with me that im unaware of.


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  • If there was no flash shining from his camera then the camera wasn't even activated.

  • Wow, that's definitely not ok. I would hack onto the laptop and search all his camera videos.

    • hmmm, how would i go about doing that?

    • Pretend you want to have sex with him again. See if he brings the laptop. If he does, tell him you want to check your email on it. Now search his hard drive.

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