Guys: Would you date a butterface (but her face)?

This means she is attractive elsewhere but her face. Like if she had an improportional tooth-to-gum ratio, big lips, and a large forehead, but the rest of her body was good, would you have relations with her still?
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Rihanna has a big forehead.. And she's not a butter face. Lol

    Anyways.. I voted D


Most Helpful Guy

  • big lips are a plus.

    I'd go for a butterface over an obese 'cute' girl every time.

    I'm of the view that if I become attached to someone, I will find their face cute, their smile will make me feel warm inside, etc. There's a phrase 'a face only a mother would love' emphasizing that emotional attachment can change how you see someone in terms of being pretty versus not.

    I don't think there's a corresponding phrase like 'an ass only a husband would find hot'. To me her sexual attractiveness is more fixed based on body, while my view of her face varies more based on attachment.

    So I'd date a butterface, I'd find her hot, and if/as I became more emotionally attached, I'd find her face just right for her.


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  • nope. i already had my opportunity and i couldn't do it. to be fair her personality did fucking freak me the fuck out too.

    • What about this face?
      https:// i. imgur. com/EUjJinY. jpg

  • Face>>>>>body

    • What about this face
      https://i. imgur. com/EUjJinY. jpg

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    • Would you say average or pretty?

    • Average, but average is not bad by any means. Society tells us that average is not acceptable, but most all of us are average, that's why it's called average! If I got to talking with the girl and I loved her personality, I'd absolutely would be interested in her if she has an average face. Average faces can become really beautiful with the right personality, if you connect with someone, their face will make you feel amazing when you see them.

      Honestly, you look fine. Don't worry.

  • Date? no. Fuck, absolutely. Turn some lights off and let me feel up that hot body.

    But for reall, she needs to have a cute face over a hot body in my opinion.

    • What about this face?
      https://i. imgur. com/EUjJinY. jpg

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    • What about a relationship?

    • Well, i wonder what she would like without that giant smile... but Liokely no, but she is by no means very ugly, I just know I can date much prettier girls than that. but if she was super cool and we had awesome chemistry maybe.

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