Does he like me or does his face just look like that?

Okay so there is this guy in my class and he's really tall and he he has tan-ish skin with golden brown hair.

And for some reason he keeps looking at me in the hallways and smiling and I pretend I don't notice it. Because I don't even know if his face just naturally looks like that.

And yesterday he came up to me and said hi but I was kind of busy because I had to stay after school to ask the teacher something. And he looked kind of upset and I think that he thought that I was trying to get away from him or something.

Anyways... I don't even know...

And by the way, I'm aware that I don't have enough information so... Yeah


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  • You should have said hi at least. I said hi to this girl once and she didn't say anything. She looked right into my eyes. I don't run after girls. Her friend said she likes me but I'm not saying hi again. She'll have to be the one to initiate a convo.


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  • Well you could've said hi to him. He probably does like you and from the way described the situation he seems disappointed.

    • Maybe he has a different perspective😩😩😩

      I hate being on highschool

    • Calm down. It's not that serious. Just talk to him. It'll probably make his day.

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  • his trying to make contact with you


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