Is this considered flirting?

I like this guy at work, but I am not sure what he wants. Help

Things I noticed...
He replies to my messages right away, and he is always sweet ( like keep warm or yes I can do this for you with pleasure).

He asked me out for lunch, and when we did, he kept asking me questions (do you have a boyfriend, where re you from... etc,

He did not want to leave when we had lunch, on the contrary, I told him we should go. Then he proposed coffee

When we were listenning to this song on the radio that I mentioned to like, he said "I will think of you each time I hear it"

He is got a girlfriend!! How should I translate this behavior?


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  • Well he is testing the water for sure. Seeing how you react to him. Maybe he wants to cheat. Maybe he is thinking of leaving her. Sometimes guys just want to be friends, but in my experience, where there is smoke there is fire. I would be cautious with this one.


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