How to get over a girl you loved?

We spent a lot of time together and I didn't even like her at first but eventually I really fell for her. It really sucks because she always wanted and text even though she was engaged because she was away from home. She didn't mention It. I said I liked her and she dodged the question one day she told me she was engaged. I don't know but I think I became addicted to her I felt so happy when I was with her then terrible when I wasn't. I'm not clingy or anything but being with her was amazing. Also I thought we were so close. Even though it was torture being with her and knowing I couldn't have her. I kept talking to her because not having around was even worse. I talked to other girls and they were a lot hotter but I didn't like them the same. Later she was being Really cold to me and she started to cut all contact. I really wish she could have just communicated with me, but she just acted like we never met and she completely cut me off. For a while things were not the same I was always sad and hurting I would have nightmares wake and scream and sometimes cry. Like the mental was hurting me physically. Before I met her I was so happy then she changed everything about me and then acts like nothing ever happened. This is crazy I didn't have sex with her. This the first girl I ever even really spent time with and I couldn't get enough. I don't know how I could let this happen. I'm not hurting any more but I think about her everyday even though she probably hates me and every now and then I feel sad about it but nothing like before. Now I dont want to be ever weak like that again and think all girls are just going to leave so theirs no point. I still don't know why she wanted talk to me when she's engaged because at first I wasn't trying to talk to her? Regardless of everything and I even know she wouldn't be right for me deep down I still kind of love her and I want it to go away because even though I have accepted It and don't hurt anymore I always think about it.
Man bro can someone please just help me out
What do you mean not give in so. Easily?


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  • Sounds like she was your first true love. First true loves can often be difficult to get over and overcome. It usually stays with you for a while till you decide to find someone else. Knowing that it's hurt you emotionally a lot, it sounds like you don't want to experience such an emotion ever again. But if is worth the hurt and pain to relive that emotion again, why wouldn't you?

    • Yeah your right I don't want to try again I have never opened up to anybody and I did with her and she left me completely messed up I never want to be weak like that again even if I just won't love anyone. I can't believe after all I've been through she had more control over my emotions than anything I have ever faced. I never wanted any type of relationship and she made me need one and I can't go back to that

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    • Hey man, I'm glad I could help you out :)
      Don't let it phase you too much. Take care alright! And chin up

    • Thanks for MH :)
      Hope your alright man

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  • I know how you feel. Love never really goes away but you have to accept that she's happy. Focus on you. She may have changed you but think about the person you are now. You know you truly love someone when you accept the fact that they are happy without you. That may be harsh but it's true. If it helps find a new hobby to occupy yourself with. You probably think I'm too young to have fallen in love but age doesn't define love. Sometimes you have to be willing to be broken and put back together.

    • Oh I'm always busy and having a lot of fun but I can't get her out of my head it's like a scar it doesn't really just heal for good

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    • Tell me what you think of the second post on misscoffeehaed

    • The reason you can't get her out of your head is because you are trying to hard to force the memories to leave. If you find yourself thinking about her let your mind do what it wants.

  • that sucks, sorry about that. girls do weird stuff like that. time is basically the only thing really. try a new hobby, sport, or something to take your mind off. spend time with friends too. that helps


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