I asked my guy friend if he was ok he didn't respond?

he told me his girlfriend checks on him all the time is a drama queen and is very jealous.. but he didn't respond when i asked him? im worried cos i know he having a lot of problems with his girlfriend

what should i do? he is cleary not ok?


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  • nope. I'm sure she killed him in a fit of jealous rage, call the police.

    Haha... sorry I'm kidding (I hope that didn't actually happen)

    It's possible that she was on his Facebook and saw it, or maybe he was busy, or he didn't feel like responding at the moment. It doesn't really matter... you were just checking if your friend was okay. You did nothing wrong, and even if she starts a fight with him about it there is really no fault in what you did.

    • she is a weirdo.. do u think he should dump her?

    • well I can't really give that much advice off of the information I have. Sounds like the relationship is struggling... if he is consistently unhappy then I would recommend breaking up. There is very little in life you should put up with being unhappy for.

  • call him then

    • im just worried cos she does not like me she was on his Facebook

      im just so stuck on what to do...

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  • Call him. that usually works better


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