Why do guys get bitter when I turn them down?

I often get hit on by guys on the street. It ranges from "Hey baby", " Nice ass ma", "Can I have your number?", or " What's your name?". I don't give too many guys the time of day so I let them down easily.

I. e.
Guy: "Hey baby."
Me: "Hey."
Guy: "You thick asl. You gotta boyfriend?"
Me: "Thanks. No I'm single for the moment."
Guy: "You're so cute thou. I can't believe you're single. You got a nice body, pretty face, sexy smile."
Me: *laughs*
Guy: "So. I want to get to know you?"
Me: "I'm kinda in a hurry."
Guy: "Well can I get your number? Maybe we could chill? Get to know one another?" *gets close to me*
Me: "Sorry. I don't really wanna give my number out." *walks away*
Guy: *gets pissed* "Fuck you then bitch. I don't like you anyways!"

I don't understand! One minute I'm cute, sexy, hot, or whatever it may be. Then when I show I'm not interested they get pissed and now I'm a bitch or a slut or what have you! I hate bitter boys like that. Why do you some of you guys act like that?


Most Helpful Girl

  • Because the second you reject them, their dick shrivels up into their body and they lose a few man-points.

    haha it's a huge hit to their ego and the only response they know is to get defensive. I just laugh it off when that happens... shows how pathetic they really are.


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What Guys Said 4

  • Maybe you shouldn't lead him on initially? It seems like you initially flirted then just shut him down.

    • ah yes because that absolutely gives him the right ro say vulgar things to her afterward. I've had guys say stuff to me on the street and I don't even make eye contact and they still will yell rude things at me for not acknowledging them.

    • @xobrowneyedbeauty is it so hard to be blunt but kind and not lead people on?

    • @StickStickity13 No I wasn't flirting at all. It wasn't a "keep talk to me" laugh. it was more of a "stop while your ahead" kinda laugh. I would never lead a guy on if I didn't have intentions of making a relationship with him.

  • But but you said you would call me back? :O why why do you lie? >:(

    But really erm natrually as human beings we are naturally social ceratures and as such genreally see rejection as a bad and hurtful thing. also I would say that this person you siad simply did not know how to handle the situation of rejection I guess. Either that or he is simply just be but hurt over it maybe?

  • hahaha some guys cannot accept rejection you know...

  • got to agree with those guys on this one


What Girls Said 4

  • Because some feel that we should be honored or grateful that they've shown interest in us. They've given us attention, so we must jump for joy about being "complimented".
    If we reply politely then we're leading them on, if we ignore them then we're rude bitches.
    It happens, lol.

  • entitlement. they think if they compliment you they deserve something in return. because why else would you give compliments right? >_>

  • Just give them a fake number... It's so much easier than dealing with jerks.

  • Immaturity


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