Why is he always trying to argue me?

Why is this guy trying to argue with me?
It's obvious we don't get along if I laugh at a tv show he'll turn around and tell me "That wasn't funny". It was to me that's why I laughed. He's always so negative and if I say one thing he'll turn around and say something negative or just undermine me in general. Even if I say something that's a fact and everyone knows is true and I stand by my statement and he'll sit there really repeating "No it isn't" everytime I open my mouth to say anything then finally someone other guy that he's doesn't even know says "Dude, yes it is." then he shuts up.

It's so frustrating. If he doesn't respect I'm not trying to force it just leave me alone. But he'll find me in a crowd come up to me and tries to start a conversation with me? Wtf? I just try and get away. I ended up buying a new phone since the contract was up and had a new number and I guess he tried to call my old one since he came up to me and gave me it when we first met - he seemed nice then. AND He was actually mad that I didn't give him my number... like wtf a blind man can see you're a jerk to me for no reason. Why do you even care? Why is he doing this?


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  • he probably thought that being an asshole will attract woman and he want you to fall for him lol.


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