Read description first! What does it mean when a guy crush won't hug you?

Okay so whenever I'm around my girl friends, by crush always hugs everyone but me. We just kinda awkwardly say bye to each other. Or like whenever he says bye, sometimes he will handshake all my girl friends, but not me. It gets me so frustrated!! Does he not even like me as a friend?
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  • Hands down nervous. If he liked you like a friend, he'd hug you. He just is afraid of being rejected by you. SO next time he does that and skips you, just be like "what? I don't get one" and put your arms out for a hug. That will get him to ease up a bit and go in for a hug for both of your sakes.


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  • Am I the only one who never hugs people outside my family (besides at the end of my one and only "date" I've had).

  • He's probably just nervous


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