My first question guys ! so you should feel special& answer. So what are your signs when you like a girl? What melts you down from a girl?

Okayy I loveee guys ( I am a girl) and its so hard to understand your way of thinking because it varies so much and specially the immature guys and I always wonder how d you see girls? Or why does a guy act a certain way to me how do I know what he means or if he likes me?
I have a case a guy in my classroom I'm 17 so I'm not little a guy in my classroom is quite shy we talked last year he approached me first and that's what I like I wasn't into dating or having a boyfriend I was really focused on spirituality and having no bf at the time so I noticed the guy flirting but didn't flirt back he knew e since 3 years ago but he had never talked and I hadn't seen him like that sometimes I didn't notice he was in class he confessed however he noticed me and he had been trying to talk to me but I was so serious or mad I said no and smiled he asked me for my kik when he saw me he talked to me smiled... He flirted as in saying i looked nice in piks saying he was cute or giving me candy and I noticed when I talked to a guy he got mad and I called him but didn't know what to say so asked him for the homework and he got mad and said really do u just talk to me for homework and there I noticed he was jealous but it might be just mw thinking that later on he stopped talking he called me beautiful but he talked to more girls and an easy girl confessed he liked him first so she beat me and he asked her out they have been dating for a year we tease each other but recently I noticed he is shy around me with her and he stares at me a lot and smiles to me but I don't flirt back with him like I said I play hard to get because I like the guy to work but I started feeling something for him specially to see how good of a bf he is but I will never go ruin a relationship so the question
How do you show your feelings towards a girl you like or don't like? And can you get feeling for a old crush? Can you fall for someone when you have a girlfriend?
First question so excuse I wrote a lot


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  • If I like a girl, obvious eye contact and visibly showing you are interested in the other person's opinion.
    Feelings of people don't always fade away.
    If he falls for you while dating someone, he's an asshole. Not because he fell for someone else (can't help for who you fall in love with) but from his perspective, you straight up used him. He thinks you flirted with him and pretended to like him just so you can use him as a tool. Whether or not it's true doesn't matter, that's what he thought was true, and he should have nothing to do with you, unless you apologized about it.

    The guy thought you scammed him. He should be avoiding you like the plague, not flirting with you while in a relationship.

    • No u got it wrong he flirted with me before he had his girl but they have been going out for a year and I can tell he still feels attraction for me I didn't flirt with him though he flirted with me and to a point where he tried so hard I flirted back but I should be mad or was mad because he was the one who traded me while flirting asked a girl out but he didn't cheat kuzz we weren't dating but yeah good info from the top

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