How can I help him?

I'm not the type to do something bold or irrational. they say "think before you leap." I not only do i think, I come up with a full proof plan. Not this time though. it was Valentine's Day and I recently had the person I like stolen from me by my best friend. I still remember how she apologized to me so many times. how she wish she didn't fall for him. I accepted her apology like any friend would. she is pretty and I'm not. how would I compete with someone who models professionally? It hurt for a while seeing them together but what can I do? I gave him up. doing so open in my eyes. It let me see how much of a lovestruck fool I was. I was handing flowers out to my friends when I realized I had one extra. recalled a kid in my class, he is very shy, and quite. I have him in a club and two of my classes. he always would berate himself when he is actually amazing. And I thought "maybe I'll cheer up his day." So I asked my friend to give him the flower. After school my friend went on about how he smiled (something he hasn't done it a while). I was so happy. A few days later and we started texting. He doesn't know it me though (my friend gave him my number without my permission). We would exchange a few pleasantries once in a while but lately he stopped. That smile and happy attitude he had disappeared. He became that sad lonely kid again and I don't know why. I've tried talking to him but the word don't seem to want to escape my lips. How can I make him smile again?


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  • By asking him out for something (not on a date or is your choice) then having fun and giving him a kiss (however you want)


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