Being led on or is he being honest?

Me and this guy hooked up a month ago. We dated 2 weeks and in that time he talked about us living together and our "love" and kids and marriage. He called me a stupid, fat slut and I dumped him. He kept trying to apologize and I have forgiven him. We agreed to just be friends but he always calls us "lovers as friends" and talks about our us being the love of each others lives and he's constantly calling me pet names and asking to spend time with me and we text non stop. I asked him what we were last night and he said "just friends" until he can treat me like the princess I am and until he is deserving of me and we kbow each other better. I said ok but I asked him to chill with the pet names and cute things bc "just friends" don't do that and he got short and angry with me? What is happening? What does this even mean? Is he just leading me on or being honest? He lives an hour away and is always insecure I'll find another "love" here in town.
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  • honestly "loves" me
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  • move on or whatever it is you wasteful kids do


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  • Honey it honestly seems like he is keeping you around and calling you pet names to get in your pants. Sorry for being so blunt, but trust me on this. No guy who likes a girl would call her a fat slut better yet no guy who has respect for a girl would call her a fat slut. You need to not even acknowledge someone like this.


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  • he's ovbously not worth it calling you fat, slut,... etc. i dont know you but your beautiful and you he doesn't deserve you. Give up on him. and since you forgave him, he ovb. knows your a good target. so he's gunna hurt u, then suck up, then hurt you, then suck up till you show him youve finally had enough. Good luck doll (:

  • Sounds like he is a toxic kind of guy and that is not something you need. Take care


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