Do guys only crush on girls for a short period of time?

I've heard that when guys crush on a girl it only lasts for a short time period and they can easily get over a girl and move on to the next one. If the girl was that special could a guy actually take more than just a short period of time to get over her and would he be able to move on quickly? What are your thoughts involving guys and crushes?


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  • usually lasts until either there is someone you have more of a crush on or the crush does something that turns you off.

    • The second one is actually the reason why I stopped crushing on this particular guy. Apperantly he likes me according to a friend of ours but I don't know for sure and if he does I don't know if he would do anything about it.

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  • Ummmmmmmm. Sort of. It depends on the guy. I normally crush on a girl for a few months. Currently heart broken cause my crush turned me down for prom. And I can't imagine myself getting over it. I probably will though.

    • I'm sorry that happened, you're still in high school I know you will move on! My former crush acts shy around me and only me. I've been told he likes me but the question is will he go about it in any way if it is true. I can't help but feel like if it is true that he will just wake up one day and decide he's over me.

  • nah, it might be just for a short period of time... or even for a long time in some cases ;-)

  • nope. shall we take a trip down my pathetic list of crushes and how long i crushed on them?

    My first real crush in middle school lasted just over 3 years, through Grade's 6-8 and spilling in into grade 9 in high school.

    my second crush, was for about an year and a half.

    my third crush, was for about 2 years.

    my fourth crush, was short, only for about a couple months.

    my fifth crush, was on and off for three years.

    and I guess my 6th crush is my current girlfriend, so that turned out well.

    I guess I crushed on them for so long because i never told them how i felt so I never was given the chance to either, move on, or be with them. with my 4th and 5th crush i did tell them though

    • How did you go about getting her to be your girlfriend?

    • hmm... good question. Im usually super shy, and won't say anything, but we had gone on several dates and one night when we were walking back to my car from a concert, she grabbed my hand and that gave me the confidence that she liked me as well, so I asked her, and she said yes before i finished the sentence

  • This ain't really true for me anyway it all depends on the dude and how many girls he is persueing or has around him I suppose


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