Guys: is he just NOT that into me?

I've worked with this guy for about 6 months. I'm 19 he's 22. We work in diff. departments but he has always come out of his way to see me and make conversation. He's a little shy, but so am I. I know he is (or was?) attracted to me because he's told coworkers he thinks I'm beautiful and really cool. He asked for my # a few weeks ago and then suggested we go out. This past weekend, he treated me to dinner/movie. I thought it went well, but I didn't hear from him. The only thing I thought was weird was that he didn't compliment me once, yet raved about how hot certain celebs are throughout the night. Next day I decided to text him and thank him again. He went on about how he had a great time etc. We chatted the next day but he was first to stop replying, so I left it. Today he texted me saying "sorry for being a bad texter, I'll work on it. Are you working tonight". The thing is he seems glued to his phone whenever I've seen him. I had to go to his department twice tonight and he was friendly but I noticed we were both more nervous than usual. I can't figure him out!! Should I ask him to hang out or take the hint? Any ideas?


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  • I think you should suggest going out another time. Make sure its low-pressure and that you both have to pay attention to each other. (bowling with friends, dinner, etc.) If he ends up on his celly again wait until he gets off and as polite, cute and playful as you can say, "Sorry didn't know I was that boring." Then laugh it off. As him intriguing questions that you genuinely want to know the answer to. Make sure its not a yes or no question. I think he's into you. Guys get a bit nervous sometimes. Pus you said he goes out of his way to say hello. Give him a hug, see how he reacts. Hope this helped! :)


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