Boyfriend is not talking to me? It is driving me insane!! What to do?

Bf got mad over a misunderstanding, that had nothing to do with me over 2 weeks ago. He deleted me from whatsapp messenger. I called him that night in an effort to fix the mess & made it clear it had nothing to do with me (it was another person with my name who is also a friend of his). He listened & said ok. 2 days later, he added me back. He said nothing to me. 2 days after that I told him thanks & blew him a kiss. No response from him. 4 days ago I sent him a message telling him that I miss him. Still no reply! Yesterday I told him something slightly sexy to reiterate that I am missing him. Again, no response! He read all my msgs a few seconds after I send each, What should I do? Give him space & time or contact him? I really love him but this is torture!


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  • I think he's being super childish, you made it clear it wasn't you people were talking about so why is he punishing you for something you didn't do?, he knows he wrongly assumed about you so ignoring you is just pathetic, he#s creating an issue out of an issue that wasn't even an issue with you. The fact that he so quickly assumed and condemned you though shows how little he actually trusts you, so definitely some trust issues there... he sounds really insecure in himself, no who isn't these days?


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  • I don't know what to say darling he has to put an effort for things to work out and he isn't putting that effort. Just wait the most two days if he doesn't contact you he isn't worth it I can't be mad at my boyfriend for more than an 10 minutes and niether can he. remember it takes two to be in a relationship both have to do their part.

  • Walk away. Obviously he likes the attention you at giving him. When he feels you have up he will pop up. If not it was what he was looking for in the first place to end the relationship to begin with. Some men ate cowards. Treat him like he is treating you. But I bet he'll reachb out after sometime and say he just needed some time to get his head right and blah blah bull. Go have some you time and don't play his childish games.

  • You have more patience than I do. I would be pretty past annoyed at this point that he's still acting like a child over his own mistake.

    You're the wronged party at this point. Wait for him to talk to you.


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