What do you think would be going through his mind? What do you think I am to him? [long]?

I had a texting friendship with a guy and i guess we were close. We told each other things and it later turned sexual but it was awkward in person but he always tried to talk to me despite the awkwardness.

He wanted to be friends with benefits but he said he wanted to ask out a girl in a few months. I said no but he would always give me sexual compliments and made me uncomfortable when i realized he asked this 2 days after he broke up with his gf of 2 months. I suspected he did that because he'd feel guilty if he asked for sex from another girl.

I didn't text him for a while and he literally sent me 9 texts in 2 weeks. I told him I wanted to stop texting because it's awkward and he said okay and acted as if he didn't care.

As months flew by he started staring at me in the halls but didn't do anything then he tried being friends with my friends and didn't succeed since they knew everything.

Then he texted me out of the blue asking if i wanted to know an update about him and the girl he wanted to ask out. i basically told him not to text me again. I just wanted him to talk to me in real life if its so important, i strongly hinted it but he never tried.

I was put into his class this semester but i switched out and he later asked one of my friends (who makes it obvious she hates him) if i switched out. She said he was surprised he even asked.

Now he just takes a glance or two, sometimes i catch him checking me out then other times he acts like he doesn't see me.

I always act like I never see him and avoid him at all costs.

So, what do you think he's thinking? do you think he even cared about me as a friend or just thought of me as an easy lay? and still thinks of me as that and is waiting to see if i change my mind or something?

Sorry i guess im seeking closure from here but i can't ask him in person. :/
she was surprised he even asked** and forgot to mention he used to call me his best friend but im not sure if i believe it if all we did was text and never hangout


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  • He is SO desperate maybe you should be the one to do this in Person

    • Maybe I will if he gets weirder (i suspect he will) but it won't be weird if I asked? How should I ask?

    • No it won't be weird, since he is the one creating problem.
      There is no best answer about "how should i ask".

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