Why does Zack seem to have several personalities and also go from hating me to loving me from day to day? (Please help me out! I need your opinion!)?

Let's call him Zack. There are 100+ things I like about Zack and he said he liked me too. He lives far away but told me that when he visited we would see a lot of each other. Then when he came near my town he said he was too busy to see me. He said that I was beautiful, smart, and funny and that he was afraid to fall in love with me because we lived so far away from each other. Then he cut off all connection to me very unexpectedly. A few weeks later he started talking to me again and said he missed me a lot and that he couldn't stay away from me even though he'd tried. He listed a number of reasons for his strange behaviour and we became close friends again. He has become very rude to me, telling me to fuck off for no reason. He's been so mean to me that I have cried because of what he's said. He even told me that he wouldn't care if I died. I didn't contact him for several days and then he called me and was very sweet (like he had been at the beginning) he said that he missed me and that it felt like it had been forever since we'd last talked and asked me if he could see me next time he is near my town. He has't been this sweet to me for months but it's why I held on for so long and why I still have feelings for him. I wanted him to treat me like he used to. After all his strange behaviour I am wary of him but I feel that if I just understood why he was acting this way I could fix whatever is bothering him or at least be assured that it's nothing that I have done wrong. Do you have a possible explanation?


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  • Manic depressive.
    it's really not your place you read into this though. Take a step back and move fwd. Stop reading into this. It's not healthy


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  • I can only think of borderline personality disorder.
    Source: Dr Frost


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