Would you guys like to see a hot girl in specs which suit her or you would want her to not wear specs?

I am usually told I am pretty, have sharp features, nice, deep eyes, full lips and I am slim. So, I have this image of a trendy chick. I have a weak eye sight and would wear lenses. Lately I have started going out in the public in spectacles and to my surprise, people have told me they suit me and I look really hot. But I still prefer stepping out wearing lenses only because I feel without spectacled look is better than bespectacled. My question is would u guys prefer a cute girl in specs or u would want her to use lenses (natural not colored) only?
  • Hot girl with specs which suit her!
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  • Hot girl without specs!
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  • I find glasses that suit the person very attractive.

  • Glasses can be quite attractive.

  • i prefer without tbh

  • Glasses are a turn off for me.


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