If you chase a girl why wouldn’t you be able to make eye contact?

I’m getting all of the signs but when he stares and I look back at him he can’t hold eye contact. I don’t understand? He tries to talk to me only, flirts, stares, is chivalrous, for months.. Anytime I speak he looks up and stares at me. His friends watch me too, I don't know if they like me or they’re doing it for him. Anytime I say something he gives me a long answer. What’s he doing?
  • He doesn't like you :,(
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  • You make him nervous ;P
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  • He's not sure yet. Wait a little and smile at him
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  • Other (plz explain)
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  • His friends like you and you are a target.
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My friend likes him though. :/ She has a bf now but still has a serious crush on him. He doesn't like her at all though. he likes me. He’s liked me for years and he’s been chasing me for months.. I haven’t told my friend. Should i? So confusing...


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  • Be confident in yourself, and put him on the spot, it seems cruel but sometimes you just got to push that bird out the nest to see if it flies. Ask him why he can't look at you, be silly about it to break the ice if need be. Then if you can push him to look at you, again do it in a silly way if you have too. Sometimes humour is a good way of breaking the ice that shy people often suffer with.

    • Ok, next time he stares at me I’ll hold his eyes and say “Hey Xzavier.” If he doesn’t look me in the eyes I tell him “hey I’m right here.” Thanks for the good advice!! :D

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    • :) :0)

    • @apple24 I know it sounds sappy but he makes me feel kinda happy. My friend likes him though. :/ She has a bf now but has a serious crush on him. He doesn't like her at all though. he likes me. So confusing...

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  • Eye contact is very intense. He may be shy.

    • He's very outgoing and funny so I don't know

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    • No. Eye contact is really difficult for some. My parents are outgoing and everything. Yet they never do eye contact. It's just the way they are.

    • Ok. I see. I'm different. My dad and I can stare anyone in the eyes for a long time. It's pretty handy. :P

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  • Its hard to do that whn running

  • Eye contact is hard with anyone for most people, even just with a friend, let alone a crush

    • It's easy for me. And other guys stare me down all the time. He does look in my eyes when he talks to me, but when he stares he can't. So I guess he's just shy sometimes, even though he's outgoing to other girls. :/

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