He ignores me after being friendly?

He is 17, I am 15, almost 16. We were on a Physics competition together in another city. We talked in the bus and before the start. I even lent him one of my pens because his stopped writing. He was really friendly, so do I. On the way back he looked in my eyes and smiled.
On the other day I found his profile in Facebook and sent him a friend request. After two days we met in the school corridor and I looked at him, ready to say Hi. I know that he saw me, but just ignored me. On the other day - the same story. Am I invisible?
Two weeks later: he hasn't accepted my request yet. I saw in his profile that he has accepted some others sended after mine and posted three times!

He is not shy, he is a social guy. I don't have problems with my appearance and I'm also a smart and talanted girl. To be honest, I like him but I would be happy even to be only friends with him.
I was with a hat all the time on the day of the competition and I wonder if he just cannot recognise me or I don't know?

Why does he ignore me? What do you think?


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  • He saw you as someone to chat with a bit while at competition, and that's it.

    • But why doesn't he say "Hi" sometimes but he is pretending not to know me?

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    • Thanks for helping me :)

    • You're welcome. Best of luck.

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  • I think that in your case that this guy, was someone that was not that overly interested in continuing to talk to you after the competition. But you honestly will never know unless you ask him. Ask him why he ignores you, and doesn't respond to your Facebook request! Maybe then you will find out the reason why he is doing what he is.

    • But I'm shy and don't know what he will think about me if I say these things.

    • Well, I am no professional but do whatever you feel is best. What you are comfortable with doing.

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  • I have no clue tbh


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