If he is really flirty with you but has never mentioned his girlfriend (even if you've given him chances to talk about her) does this mean anything?

I've been friends with this guy for a few months now. Over the past few weeks, we've been extra flirty with each other (him poking me and seemingly purposefully trying to touch me, always standing/sitting literally on top of me me, always teasing me, maintaining really deep eye contact, etc). He compliments me daily and keeps conversations going through text and snapchat even when I don't respond. However, he has a long-distance girlfriend a few hours away that he's never mentioned! Not even when I asked him what he did over Valentine's day weekend, when I know he went to visit her because he posted a picture of the school she goes to (mind you not of her). Others have picked up on how much we flirt with each other and how much he likes to stare at me, so I'm slightly confused with all of this?


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  • that's a sign that he wants to break up with her i believe...


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  • Well, if they are still together, then chances are he wants to cheat on her with you... but maybe you should find out for sure he's still dating her?


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