He been chasing me.. but there's another girl. Does he like me or the other girl?

For months he's been chasing me and for years he liked me. He flirts, is chivalrous, stares continuously, tries to talk to me, listens to every word, .. But there's this other girl. He and friends says hi to her playfully (like pat her bun) and sometimes he teases her if she says something funny. When he sees her he just says hi and then ignores her. She usually initiates the conversations and it doesn't look flirty. He doesn't stare at her or try to talk to her. He doesn't act chivalrous to her.


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  • I think he likes you and since he spent longer trying to get you he will value you more than her.

    • She's not flirty but she's nice and smiles to most boys.
      I'm glad to hear that. I like him. May I ask you another question?

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    • Either way she is not being fair to her boyfriend by crushing on another guy so you don't owe her anything and if you set her up with him you will be hurting the guy who likes you.

    • Ok. I'll tell that to her, but after I flirt with him and see how it goes. He could lose interest. :/

  • i think you know the awnser to that question. one thing that i have learned about guys is that there dumb, well most of them. i dont think you have anything to worry about.


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