Why was my guy friend acting this way and should I have left the room?

Yesterday I was looking over this paper my guy friend wrote. While I was checking it, he had asked me why I had told someone that I was hanging out with this other guy friend (lets call him j). I said we were sorta friends and my guy friend started to ask all this questions, did he take me to his dorm room, did we make out, those sort of questions. Then he asked me if I wanted to meet his friend and it turned out to be a girl. She was working in this study room and my guy friend sits down and starts touching her face and getting real close and said she smelled really nice. We left and went back to the computer and she came down to say goodbye and he was all over her. Hugging her real close, saying she smelled nice again and she happened to say she probably was sweaty and my guy friend said that he heard somewhere that sweat turns you on. The they started talking about what sounded like a date on Sunday and this was all while I was in the room and they were only a few feet away from me. She I just have left the room, it seemed weird to get that physical with someone in front of someone else.


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  • He has a thing for you and he is using her to make you jealous

    • Oh, thanks! It seems like a weird way to show it.

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    • Generally he is a good guy, that was the only time I had seen him act that way. At first he asked me what person had told me that he was going on a date. I have a feeling he remembers "joking around" with his friend, but I don't think he realized what friend I was talking about. I guess on the day I thought he had the date, a friend came to him crying and that's what he thought I was talking about. It's just really weird, I didn't feel like he was trying to play games yesterday, but I felt embarrassed to tell him what he had said to his friend. I have a feeling he is going to bring it up again.

    • He might, how you proceed will set the tone soon

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  • Sounds to me like your guy friend has a thing for you and was trying to make you jealous...

    • Oh I see. Thats kinda of a weird way to go about showing it. Thanks for the help!

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    • Its not like I've known him for a real long time, about 6 months. When he introduced her to me and then he was really close and holding her face. While he was doing that and was saying she smelled nice, he looked over. In that room, we were all within touching distance of each other and his friend said to him that he was making it awkward. When the same friend came down to say goodbye, the one time they were in my line of sight, but then they were right behind my chair. Maybe he does really like her, but I could left the room. It was almost extreme flirting, so yeah.

    • I forgot to mention after his female friend left, he wanted to borrow my phone to listen to music. My dad happened to text and my friend wanted to know who it was and then asked if he should respond. I turned back to looking at the paper and he started to ask if this other text from my friend was about him and then later he asked who this other person was and and I said are you reading my messages and I turned around and he said no and showed me the screen and it was the music. It was really weird.

  • It probably turned him on having you in the room.


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