Should I let him lead me?

So he does something wrong then apologizes but I get revenge anyway. He then gets even because I got revenge earlier. He then apologizes after he gets revenge. Then I do forgive and we move on. Why didn't he just apologize again instead of getting revenge? Is this dominance at work? Shouls I let him lead me like this?


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  • This just sounds like an all around unhealthy cycle regardless of who starts or ends it... If you care about one another you wound't intentionally hurt each other.


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  • I wouldn't stay with him or even let him take control of you. It doesn't make sense to be in a relationship if all he is doing is just leading you on. That is an unhealthy relationship that I would not continue to be in.

  • That's not dominance. That's toxic. Why do you two stay together if all you do is hurt one another?


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