Do you guys get nervous when talking to a girl even though she's not your girlfriend? If so why?

Okay this just happened today while in class a guy talked to me always today though at the end of class he left without waiting for me I tried to catch up with him but not making it obvious so I just walked behind him to see if he would stop to talk to me and see if he was interested and if not then I would know but didn't show interest so that's my sneakyness and he did stop and walked with me but then he started getting nervous like shy and stuttering so what is that behavior suppose to mean? Has that happen to you?


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  • I'm just awkward around girls no matter what. But I don't stutter usually unless in front of my crush.

    • Okay so what makes you stutter? Or bring your voice down? And what makes u like a girl so much to that point?

    • Mostly just nervousness, fear of saying something stupid, trying not to sound too proper, etc. I've never brought my voice down actually, whenever I talk to or around my crush, I try to make my voice more confident and at times slightly more audible.

      I'm unsure what you mean by the last question, unless you're asking for what makes guys in general interested in girls? Or do you mean in my specific case or...

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