Trying get back on the market.. what should I do?

Well, I was in a long relationship about a year ago and well yeahh that didn't go too well lool. after that relationship I kept myself to myself and didn't show any interest in jumping into another one. It has been a year now so bare that in mind.

I met a boy and he is really nice, he was the only person I gave the time of day because he was genuinely a nice guy just to talk to. Since the first day he messaged me we had spoken for a month non stop and we just built a strong relationship with eachother whether it was friendly like or not. Yes I met up with him a couple of times but I also distanced myself abit coz I didn't wanna "catch feelings" too quick. He showed and told me he liked me and all that, the feelings were mutual and stuff but he just wanted me to just be real with him. Last week we had a massive conversation on the phone and we just spoke about everything and well yeah we both knew how it was for eachother.

The thing with him he's a footballer and doesn't know wether he'll be going Spain or staying here and last week he suddenly started being weird with me. I addressed the issue and he came out with how he does not wanna lead me on and catch deep feelings than he already had and then he move which is understandable but I just don't get it why now if you knew from the start?

Literally since that conversation we've gone at least 2 days without talking and its upsetting because I just don't understand what it is.. He's the only guy I've been open with since my ex so it's just kind of getting to me

Can I just hear someone perspective on this coz I don't know what to do.


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  • I think he just likes you but he doesn't want you to fall in love with him because he's moving away. He just doesn't want to see you hurt. Maybe he didn't really realise that since it was far away, but now that it's getting closer he might think about it more often. Don't necessarily feel like it has something to do with you.


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