When a guys friends keep on teasing you about that guy to you but that guy doesn't say anything what does that mean?

So this guys's friends keep on teasing him and when I turn around they go like "he's your boyfriend!!" but he just doesn't say ANYTHING!! I'm pretty sure he knows what is going on but why is he freaking ignoring it? It happened three times already in class.
I just asked his friend for his phone number... was that an okay move?


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  • Because he doesn't want to admit it. If he acts like it bothers him, it means it must be true. By ignoring it, it clearly is confusing you. He likes you.

    • wait so by ignoring what's going on, it shows how he actually likes me?

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    • Go on my profile, then it should say 'Message' somewhere, I think.

    • I was anonymous so you couldn't view my profile, which I just realized.

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