Men are confusing.-Why say this? Does he no longer like me?

We were flirting via text and I saw him as a potential bf then he said later that day he doesn't feel a connection to me anymore but wants to still engage with me? - What?
P. s no he doesn't want a fuck buddy. He said he no longer wants to flirt/sext but wants to stay in touch


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  • Beta male alert. Guy shows interest, backs off, flirts again, repeat. Is he trying to push your buttons and make you develop feelings? He sounds annoying.

    • games maybe? not serious about me?

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  • "engage"? You mean sex? He never wanted a girlfriend just a fuck buddy

    • No no he doesn't want to talk dirty anymore or flirt. He wants to be friends. But he keeps changing his mind

    • Very strange maybe he met someone else

  • Yeah he's probably an ass

    • He doesn't really like me?

    • He might. He may just be afraid, or he may not want a relationship right now for some other reason. Maybe he's planning on moving, maybe he's going trough something? I personally just didn't want to date anyone until I was second year university. I just wasn't interested in dating as I was focused on school and just doing my own thing

  • he wants to be friends with benifits


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