Do guys usually get this excited when a girl texts them?

So I hadn't texted my boyfriend in a while because I was grounded, so when I was able to text again, I texted him. He said, "When I heard he ringtone i have set for you go off, my face lit up and my heart leapt"
Do y'all usually get that excited? Haha


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  • I do. Whenever I hear the text notification I instantly hope it's a certain someone, and if it is.. Well this one time she called me and I panicked so much, ended up knocking over a pile of stuff, and dropped everything I was doing to take the call.

    • Aw haha that's so cute :)

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    • :/

      Good night! Have a good day tomorrow! And of course we can, if you want to.

    • Alrighty then, talk to you tomorrow

What Girls Said 1

  • That's so cute !
    Your boyfriend must really love you :)


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