Should I be worried about what his military past did to him?

I don't actually know but I know it really impacted him. He has issues with it like sleeping and coping. It's been years but he brings it up. I'm worried, as much as I care for him as a person or more, that I may not be capable of dealing with it.

I don't know if it's something I can handle. I have a hard time with my own deamons. And mine aren't even half as scary or bad as his.

Is this too much for most women to handle?


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  • Is he part of a therapy group? There are many ways that veterans can deal with their PTSD. You can search for military onesource for help. Once he starts facing those demons, he will become better.


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  • This often happens to people in the military sadly... they go through a lot of traumatic experienes, when you join the military that's eventually all you know and your always in warrior mode, you kill people and have bombs exploding in your face, bullets shooting past you, they are always on the edge of death so it's no wonder they have nightmares and fits, you can get help for PTSD there are special clinics for it so i would look into it.

    However there isn't much you can do to stop it entirely... he will still have PTSD fits, they just put him into a recovery place for 5 or 6 months working him through it to help him control it better and give him pills for it, sadly the military don't invest in sending people who just got out of the army to these clinics (with all the money they got i know... it's sad), they just rely on the families to pay for it.


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  • I read a book about this (fiction). It was called Jenna's Cowboy. Free on Kindle. The main character dealt with PTSD. It was interesting. Other than that, I don't know much about it.


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