Do guys go for girls their friends were with?

I only dated my ex for two months. A few weeks after we broke up his friend was hitting on me and he started talking to me a few weeks later when he met me again at a party. We ended up kissing and he has been talking to me every day and we made out. Three weeks ago my ex started seeing a girl his friend was hooking up with.

My female friend told me the friend of my ex only is going for me because my ex went for the girl he was with. But the friend of my ex was hitting on me weeks before my ex went for his friend's girl. And all his friends say the new guy likes me. And he seems to like me. What to make of this?


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  • I've known of some scumbag guys who were friends with my ex who would hit on me even though him and i were together for 2years. some guys are desperate, others do it for the satisfaction that they can get at their friends girls (usually driven by jealousy) and sometimes guys don't mind dating each others gf's. its different reasons for different guys honestly, you have to really analyze the guy and his friends and see the type of person he is


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