I think I should really give up on this guy?

So long story short, I thought this guy at my gym had interest in me because he looks at me often, usually for a bit, he is usually around me "eg couple meters away" and his friend/s look at me often but only when "he" is there
So I finally had the balls to talk to him "max a month ago" for a bit and he responded nicely since he gave me eye contact and smiled a lot but when I talked to him the second time "for his name only, I didn't have time" he didn't smile but gave me eye contact. From this I thought he lost interest but still till now he hasn't done anything other than looking etc
I admit I don't really look at him or smile which isn't that great but my bro said that doesn't matter because if he had interest he would do something since its been awhile when you talked to him and I said maybe it's because I'm usually around you "as in my bro" and the unwritten rules of gym but he said hey, you talked to him when I was there so me being around shouldn't really matter plus if he really was interested he would ask me if you "me" were my sis plus smiling and eye contact doesn't really matter either since smiling back is a natural reaction so that can't really define it.

I feel kinda lost and today at gym he kept looking and came around me "3-4 meters away" plus his two mates did look often too plus I did make eye contact with him for at least 2secs but neither of us smiled at each other

So now I'm kinda down because this sounds true and reasonable
Should I stop and move on? What should I do?
What would you do in my situation?
I hear comments and opinions from both side but what should I do?


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  • I think he is interested in you and his friends know also but he is afraid to make a move you might have to be the one to initiate any form of contact so I would just strike up a conversation with him if you really want to be bold as I would do I would ask him why he was looking at me so much and if he liked what he saw and ask him what's up with him and everything or you can be a little bit more reserved about it and just be like hey what's up or how have you been doing to strike up a normal conversation with him and see how he responds to that

    • Hmm yeah that's what I thought from what I got from his body language plus his friend/s
      People have been telling several things 1) just give on the dude since he hasn't made move but you "me" did 2) go smile/talk to him 3) go directly and ask him or maybe a friend can do that
      Some people said 3) is a bit intimidating
      Soo I'm kinda stuck hahah

    • don't be afraid because as it seems he's waiting for you to talk to him just move forward and talk to him if you really want to know how he feels about you

    • Yeah I guess you can say that
      Ever my brother told me his thoughts he said give up in the dude since he hasn't made a move yet despite you talked to first etc and from that I feel like a eye candy to him I guess haha
      Well I'm going to gym with a friend soon so maybe she can support/help me haha
      by the way thank you
      You have good advice :)

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