Does he just want space or does he not wanna see me? Guys help?

So I started to become really close with this guy and we'd chat all the time and Skype and I'd stay around his with a group of friends and one night we hooked up and have a few times since then. But now we barely speak and only really speak when I stay around his, which is about once every two weeks.
He tells me that he's always busy and that's why he barely messages me now... I do know that he is busy and he's going through a really tough time, he's really depressed, lives on his own and is constantly playing computer games. But he doesn't message me at all now and he didn't even reply to me when i said thanks for letting me stay around. Yet he'll get mad at me for doing stuff with other guys.
But when I go around his flat he's a completely different person, he tries so so hard to make sure I'm happy and okay and he really looks after me. Then when we're snuggling in bed he'll tell me he's really missed this... but then he won't message me for about a week, I don't wanna seem needy, im just confused. Does he not want to be friends anymore or does he just need his space because he's going through a tough time? I care about him a lot so I don't know what to do. Can anyone help?


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  • I presume it's the physical reality of you being there that makes the difference. You get that all the time.


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