SHould I send this to a guy that is not texting me back? Sorry its long but its killing me HELP ME?

This guy hasent texted me since Tuesday night. I didn't text him at all Wednesday and he never texted me. I texted him last night he never responded. We stared talking threw MEET ME. He used to text he threw out the day and he would send me morning texts. He hasent sent me a morning text since Sunday, Does it sound like he is not interested anymore? HE still has me on snapchat. wouldn't he delete me if he wasn't interested.. I texted him last night i said heyy it said it is just DELIVERED. I feel like he is ignoring me but would it be bad if i sent this to him? I mean he never respond to my other text i dont want to sound crazy.. BUt it driving me crazy because i dont know what i did wrong.

I want to send him---
Hey I know you don't want to talk to me anymore which is cool with me i was just wondering what the reasoning was if you don't want to tell me that's alright it's just been bugging me. Did i do something wrong?


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  • Life is too short to deal with people that don't give you what you want. However he could be going through some things. Problem is you'll never know until he contacts you. I'd suggest no contact and if he doesn't reach out to you find a man that will they're out there im one of them

    • Thanks!! i didn't text him that whole thing. But he just texted me hi!!

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